On February 24-26, 2024, the MAP Foundation held an annual meeting for the Porticus project in 2023 at the Holiday Garden Hotel, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province. There were  the total of 7 migrant groups attended the meeting such as:

- GBV-CG (Gender-Based Violence Coordination Group) Mae Sot
- Hi Positive Women Group Phangnga
- MMWO (Myanmar Migrant Worker Organization)
- Kaset Pong Yang, Chiang Mai
- RDMWN (Rights & Development for Migrant Worker Network)
- AWO (Arakan Worker Organization) Mae Sot
- Domestic Worker Chiang Mai

Every group presented and exchanged experience, outcome, problems, obstacles, and solutions on the results of activities in 2023  . 

Additionally, each group planned the activities to be carried out and the budget required in 2024 to continue the activities.