We are thrilled to share about our recent Organizational Development (OD) workshop held at Fortune Riverview Hotel Chiang Khong. It was a three day workshop from 25-27 June, 2024 at Chiang Khong, Thailand. 

All MAP Foundation programs came together and evaluated the organizational structure, job descriptions and present six months progress report and plan. 35 staffs actively participated in the workshop to discuss and exchange.  

The workshop highlights: 

  1. Job descriptions Session: review each position responsibility, tasks, and roles to boost understanding over own job as well as colleagues to reach team’s potential and drive to program’s goals.
  2. Organizational Structure Session: Restructure the organizational structure to improve management and to create effective organizational development and system.
  3. Program’s Progress report and Plan: assessed and monitored of each programs progress and planned.

From the workshop, not only does it help empower changes, and help staff understand their roles, their team, and the MAP Foundation structure but it is also for team building, reconnecting activities, and driving strategic growth within the foundation.