1. Women Exchange


The Women Exchange (WE) program addresses the rights of migrant women, providing migrant and refugee women a space to share their experiences and address issues of particular concern in a women-only setting. The program aims at breaking down barriers between women, sometimes created by ethnicity, language, class, background, or occupation, and providing a platform for women to learn about their rights and experiment with voicing their opinions and speaking out. The program has a particular focus on addressing violence against women through education, training and providing legal assistance. Ultimately, the aim is to amplify migrant women’s voices to the levels of power and decision makers, so they can advocate for their rights themselves.


  1. Job Summary: The Women Exchange Monitoring and Evaluation Officer is a full-time position. The main responsibilities are: providing qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation of the migrant women groups supported by the Women Exchange project in various parts of Thailand, for reporting, capacity building, advocacy and planning; coordinating with MAP staff in the Chiang Mai office for production of media and reports highlighting issues, success and challenges in promoting migrant women’s empowerment for advocacy and reporting; and providing other projects with technical support for similar endeavours.


The Women Exchange Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be a new position that works independently but in collaboration and tandem with the WE team under the RFA coordinator. In the future, this position may assist other programs with monitoring and evaluation. Expected activities:


    1. Design Monitoring and Evaluation tools, such as questionnaires, for the WE Team
    2. Collect qualitative success stories and oversee quantitative data collection for the WE team
    3. Follow up, analyse, and evaluate the qualitative and quantitative data collected
    4. Present data and analysis for reports and advocacy
    5. Help identify and articulate Lessons Learned from the WE team's activities
    6. (Possibly) Join the organization's case management team (issues of women, children, and youth)
    7. Assist with capacity building and advocacy of the WE and other programs as appropriate.


  1. Skills:

-  Essential fluent Burmese is necessary, proficient English (spoken and written) is preferred, and conversational Thai or Shan is an asset.

-  Good computer skills (word and excel, SPSS or similar is asset)

-  Intermediate to advanced media skills including social media

-  Previous qualitative and quantitative monitoring experience

-  Significant experience in report writing, and in facilitating workshops and meetings

-  Knowledge and understanding of feminist principles and approaches, including participatory approaches and empowerment

-  Strong interpersonal skills and ability to present publicly

-  Ability to travel freely and regularly (within Thailand)


  • Dedication to the promotion of women’s rights and understanding of migrant women's lives.
  • Respectful attitude towards the migrant community and their lived experience.
  • Open minded, courageous, light hearted, resilient, and motivated.
  • Willing to accept a challenge and self-motivated
  • Responsible and accountable
  1. Salary: Base salary starts 15,000 Baht per month, previous experience will be considered.

If you fit the above description and would like to apply for the position, please send your CV with names of two people who we can contact as referees and a cover letter, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject heading “WE Monitoring and Evaluation” before June 22nd, 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviewed.