Rights for All

The Rights for All Programme seeks to empower migrants from Myanmar in Thailand who are overlooked or stigmatized, namely children, youth and women, and especially in times of physical or mental crisis. The programme supports children, youth and women to gain knowledge about basic rights and build up their capacity in accessing health, education and other services. This programme implements several projects in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot.

About the Issue

For many people, it is the political and economic problems in Myanmar that bring them to migrate to Thailand. Others choose to come looking for better opportunities. Whatever the reasons of their departure, many migrants experience hardships in Thailand and have difficulty exercising their basic rights, but certain sectors are even more vulnerable to discrimination, marginalization, and abuse with impunity. Women experience violence at all stages of migration, including at pre-departure, during their stay in Thailand, and when returning. Migrant youth fall between different sets of non-matching policies, regarding working age, access to education, and their parents' documentation. Families need to access specific services and documentation including birth registration, school qualifications, etc. Therefore, this programme provides information and facilitates migrants and their families’ access to services as well as implement activities to empower and build the capacity of children, youth and women to realize their rights and to protect themselves from all kind of violations.

Our Activities