MAP Foundation May 2023

Job Description: MAP Community Radio FM99MHz Manager (Full time position)


  1. Department:

The station strives to strengthen and empower migrant communities by using radio as means for outreach, cultural preservation, entertainment, dissemination of information, as well as providing migrants their own forum to express themselves. The CR Manager works under MAP Multimedia Program (MMM) which produce advocacy and educational materials in migrant languages in order to effectively reach and empower the migrant communities and, also produces publications in Thai and English for education and advocacy purposes. The MMM provides support to other programs and projects of MAP to produce media materials effectively.

  1. Job Summary: The Community Radio Manager’s role is to oversee the Radio in Chiang Mai and to ensure the MAP Community Radio responds to migrants currents needs and promote understanding between communities.

The CR Manager participates in capacity building trainings, MMM team meetings, monthly staff meetings, and join MAP other activities. The CR Manager reports directly to the MMM coordinator and the MMM coordinator will develop monthly work- plans with him or her and provide guidance and advice. This position requires flexibility and availability to work on weekends or do over-time if needed and or requested, extra hours and days being agreed with the MMM coordinator in advance.

  1. Duties:

Radio Station Management: Ensure that the quality of the community radio service (Quality of content, Reach, Broadcast clarity) and that it responds to migrants’ needs, inform the community and promotes the integration of the migrant community. The radio is a platform that gives a voice to migrants as well as a source of entertainment.

Overall supervision

·         Heading a team of broadcasting staffs and volunteers working on community radio under many issues, for example, health, women right and labour rights.

o    Ensure broadcaster follow MAP policy, authorities requirements by reviewing scripts 1 or 2 days before broadcasts (make sure the topics don’t repeat, use language that is appropriate and easy understand)

o    Listen to broadcast and give feedback (monitoring)

o    Approve information/ scripts before broadcast

·         Providing support and capacity building for the team staff members and volunteers

·         Overseeing broadcasts to ensure quality, creative and organize the broadcasting timetable for the radio station


·         Developing on-line radio and other technical advance as needed

·         Ensuring that radio equipment is maintained in good condition

MAP Radios collaboration

·         Ensure collaboration and information sharing between MAP Radio Maesot and Chiang Mai radio teams

DJ Capacity Building: Providing support and capacity building for the team staff members and volunteers.

·         Organise Capacity building for DJs (plan, facilitate, follow up) twice a year depending on budget

·         Organise listener panel (bi-monthly) with listeners’ from various places, professions, with equal gender representation, and equal number of new/old listeners. Prepare a  report using listeners’ feedback to improve broadcasted programs

·         Share/train DJs to broadcast emergency: info/authority Thai policy to ensure uniform info is given through the radio. Check explain language problem on sensitive issues.

Monitoring and Reporting: The evaluate and develop the impact of the radio project in the Migrant community and promote the work of the MAP’s Community Radio

·         Updating and maintaining resources for radio programs (i.e. music, documentation, magazine)

·         Data analysis from listener panel meetings, record from DJs after broadcasting, and the online radio data (from the webmaster) and results-based monitoring and reporting skills

·         Providing narrative monthly reports to coordinator

·         Clear bills monthly

·         Providing monthly, quarterly and annual reports for funders (includes a deeper analysis than the monthly reports)

Networking: Liaise with local communities, government and non-government organizations to promote MAP’s Chiang Mai Community Radio Station.

·         Attend Community Radio Networking meetings

·         Develop the radio’s network of relevant organisations (migrant groups and CBOs, Thai local groups, Immigration) for shared broadcasting and information sharing

·         Develop the radio’s network of resource people to invite for live programmes on the radio

·         Promote MAP radio in public.

Online Radio Website and Social Media: The community radio has a website and a Facebook page

·         Update the website content with the radio activities (in Shan language) least 3 times a months

·         Update MAP Radio Facebook page weekly

  1. Skills and Competencies:
  • Committed to promoting the rights of migrants through media and radio
  • Language Skills: Fluent in Thai and Shan, Burmese is an asset
  • Confident Team leader and a responsible Team member
  • Has knowledge and experience in community radio broadcasting skills Has experience of Monitoring and evaluation systems for radio
  • Positive communication skills both as a DJ and as a co-worker
  • Networking skills, Computer and writing skills
  1. The salary range is 13,000-15,000B depending on experience.

If you fit the above description and would like to apply for the position, please send your CV with names of two people who we can contact as referees and a cover letter, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject heading “Community Radio Manager” before January 8th 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviewed.